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PATA/TSTA/NEA has adopted the following beliefs to guide our work as we elevate teaching as a profession and create great public schools for all Texas school children.

We believe educators must make things happen with decision-makers to make changes to public education and become the decision-makers for public education.

The Port Arthur Teachers Association believes:

  • Bargaining, not begging! Educators should have the right to collectively bargain working contracts because our working conditions are our children’s learning conditions.  If professional athletes can negotiate their contracts, then educators should be allowed to do the same.
  • An effective teacher in every classroom! The most important work of teachers is to elevate teaching as a profession – through the quality of our work, our practices and behaviors in the profession and engagement in the decision-making of our schools and PAISD. Only then can we ensure that all students are taught by an effective teacher.
  • Active Engagement! Educators must be politically active through volunteerism in campaigns, donations to our PAC committees, lobbying our legislators, and participating in the party of your choice.  Politics is about telling your story-a story that only you can tell.  Every decision that affects a teacher and child is a political decision.
  • A Living Wage for Education Support Professionals. ESP need pay commensurate with the skills and responsibilities of our positions—no less than a living wage. We also want an ESP to be treated as full partners in the education team at the school level and within the local, state and national Association.
  • Quality Public Schools! Every child deserves a great public school.  Children are our future entrepreneurs and leaders.  They deserve quality public schools with effective teachers and ESP’s. Teachers and ESP’s need opportunities and meaningful education that provides both for career path development (e.g. paras becoming teachers) and for continual improvement within our current jobs. We want training to bring our skills up to date with 21st century changes.