Your Finances

  • Join your local association/TSTA/NEA and discover the many saving, shopping, travel, and other consumer discounts available through NEA Member Benefits (
  • Start planning for retirement NOW!
  • Investigate tax-sheltered opportunities in which you may be eligible to participate.
  • Find a financial planner you trust.
  • Set aside savings for emergencies equal to six months if you’re single or three months if there are two incomes in your household.
  • Treat money with value and use credit sparingly.
  • Review your paycheck stub every payday.
  • Understand how the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) impacts you as changes by the legislature may impact a new teacher differently from a veteran teacher.
  • Pay your bills on time so late fees and penalties don’t eat into your disposable income.
  • Budget your income and live your budget.
  • Review financial statements (bank and credit card statements, retirement, health insurance, etc.) and your credit reports and credit score regularly.
  • Be politically active and never miss an opportunity to advocate for better salaries and benefits for teachers and other school personnel.

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