Your Evaluation

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  •  Join your local association/TSTA/NEA to stay current in practices, procedures and rights about teacher evaluation in your school district.
  • Move beyond the information about teacher evaluation provided at the orientation. It’s your career and you need to know and understand how your performance will be evaluated.
  • Keep a copy of district policy DNA (LOCAL) and any supporting regulations available to know how the district implements teacher evaluation.
  • Understand the evaluation rubric and ask your appraiser how he or she will capture evidence to support your ratings.
  • Always write a rebuttal when you disagree with a rating or other documentation – and make sure you have TSTA proofread it before turning it in. You may not have the opportunity to do so later on.
  • Use teacher evaluation to tell the story of your classroom; no one can tell it better than you!
  • Reflect on the lesson the appraiser observed.
  • Plan for your evaluation conferences – don’t go in blind.
  • Capture your evidence and documentation for the appraisal experience. It may be a good counter to the evidence captured by the appraiser.
  • Know campus politics when considering a request for a second appraisal.
  • Contact TSTA immediately if (or when) you have a problem with your appraisal.

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