Your Practices

Click the flyers to download Join your local association/TSTA/NEA and be a part of the largest community of educators in the world. Make time to plan and prepare. Every profession does it. Rehearse your work. Every profession does this, too. Set boundaries: physical, social, and emotional. Listen to and observe your students; actions and words […]

Your Evaluation

Click the flyer to download  Join your local association/TSTA/NEA to stay current in practices, procedures and rights about teacher evaluation in your school district. Move beyond the information about teacher evaluation provided at the orientation. It’s your career and you need to know and understand how your performance will be evaluated. Keep a copy of […]

Your Well-Being

Click flyer to download Join your local association/TSTA/NEA today! Manage your time; teaching is time intensive; don’t let time get away from you. Advocate for you, your profession, and your students. Know whom to seek out for help with a student. Take time for you, your family, and friends. A well-rounded teacher is an effective […]

Your Rights and Responsibilities

Click flyers to download Join your local association/TSTA/NEA affiliate. Your career is your most valuable investment. Register to vote and REMEMBER TO VOTE; every decision that impacts you is a political one. Know who to contact at TSTA (your TSTA Support Network): Immediate Questions/Answers/Support: Your TSTA campus leader Your local association president Your AOT staff […]

Your Professional Development

Join your local association/TSTA/NEA and take advantage of the many professional development opportunities available to you. Reflect on your practices and behaviors as a part of professional development. Use resources to identify meaningful professional development. Continue learning about the subject you teach and how to teach. Stay current in practices and content. Mentor and learn […]

Your Finances

Join your local association/TSTA/NEA and discover the many saving, shopping, travel, and other consumer discounts available through NEA Member Benefits ( Start planning for retirement NOW! Investigate tax-sheltered opportunities in which you may be eligible to participate. Find a financial planner you trust. Set aside savings for emergencies equal to six months if you’re single […]

Your Conduct

Click flyers to download Join your local association/TSTA/NEA to stay current on your rights and responsibilities. Read through and keep the following district policies handy: DH (LEGAL), Employee Standards of Conduct •DH (LOCAL), Employee Standards of Conduct DH (EXHIBIT), Educator Code of Ethics (Chapter 247.2 of the Texas Administrative Code) Know how to access all […]

Your Classroom Management

Click the flyer to download Join your local association/TSTA/NEA and connect with teacher experts across the state and around the nation. Plan for classroom management the same as you do instruction. Get to know your students and let them get to know you; everyone needs to feel connected to school. Let the first thing parents […]

Tips for Teachers

Understanding Your Rights and Responsibilities Join the TSTA/NEA affiliate in your school district. Know and understand your rights. You don’t have many but understand the ones you do have. Preserve, protect and defend the planning period. It’s yours so use it and protect it. Take your full lunch period-it’s duty-free, is a full 30 minutes, […]